Sectri Auto Body is a preferred repairer for a number of major manufacturers. We strive to ensure that approved safety standards are adhered to throughout the autobody repair process. Structural integrity is a priority to us at Sectri Auto Body. Our promise and guarantee to clients, major manufacturers and insurance companies alike, is that Sectri Auto body strives to keep paint quality as authentic as possible. It is important that we are compliant with industry to build trust with our clients and remain preferred repairers for our affiliated manufacturers and insurance companies. We are committed to providing quality repairs and our skilled artisans have been trained to meet manufacturer standards. 

Approved Major Manufacturers

Sectri Auto Body has become the preferred repairer for these major manufacturers on the merit of excellent customer service, high-quality repairs and work ethic. Our factory approvals applications are currently still pending for a limited group of manufacturers, such as Chrysler and Jeep. Our BMW repairs also require a dealership visit to authenticate repair work and reinstate warranties on inspection. 

Affiliated Insurance Companies

Sectri Auto Body’s association with a number of insurance companies is an indication of why we are one of the most reputable repair providers in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Our ability to work on a number of big brand vehicles, has made us the first choice for insurance companies.

Sectri Auto Body has implemented two warranties to ensure that clients repairs are never compromised with sub-par products or limited proficiency. Our workmanship warranty, is an assurance that all our repair work is free of defects in materials utilised and services provided, in the repair process for the period equal to the new manufacturers body warranty or twelve-months if the new body warranty has lapsed. Our paint warranty also provides customers with security knowing that all paintwork is free of defects and hold a BASF 5 year warranty.  

Along with our numerous manufacturers and insurance company approvals, we are also an AA Approved repair autobody service provider.